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Wishing you were a savvy dog breeder?

  • Do you find dog breeding advice overwhelming, contradicting or confusing?
  • Are you relying on facebook groups for support but concerned about the offered expertise or credibility?
  • Do you want to be best prepared for your dog breeding experience but don't know where to start?
  • Would you love to be mentored but don't know where to find a suitable individual?

Too many dog and puppy owners have this idea that a dog breeder is some superhuman person. They seems to think they live rurally, were born into a family that coexisted Canine Family Planner pictured with Bulldogwith animals for centuries. While also attending some sort of ‘Dog Breeding University’, graduating with first-class honours. 

I can tell you now, that's pure fantasy!

Mosts Breeders are everyday people, living every day's lives. In reality, they are muddling along like us all, dealing with life and the curveballs it throws us. While also juggling the things that are precious to them, family, friends and pets.

Being a breeder is just one part of you, how big this segment of you grows will depend on a few things. Such as  the frequency you breed, your personal goals and your natural interest to do the job properly. With no 'official' syllabus to follow, it can be hard to know where to start or even to see if you are doing things correctly, or at least ethnically.

Mentors are hard to come by, this option takes time and patience. Your Mr Miyagi needs to be able to advise and  teach in an unbiased and interesting way. I wasn’t mentored during my own initial breeding journey, the knowledge I’ve gained is from trial and error. Fortunately, I had the time and patience 'back then', to learn and adapt. This, however, is not an efficient or effective way to breed.

Sara with two Bulldogs

If you've attempted to mention the word 'breeding' to your vet, in the hope for some dog breeding advice and additional support. They've most probably made a big sigh, or at best rolled their eye. Then they possibility preached to you the benefits of spaying ASAP.

So who can help you?

The world's 🌍 first Canine Family Planner®

That's me by the way! 😉

Champion of Breeding Support

My primary role is to support dog owners like you. Help you to make the most appropriate choices through education, advice and assistance. With vast experience in dog breeding and a professional career within the learning industry, it makes be the perfect candidate to share vital foundational information. This information is shared in variety of forms to support you and your dog's needs during this challenge.

Purposeful planning is vital for promoting practices that aid healthy pregnancies, larger thriving litters while managing risk and reducing newborn or maternal loss. I'll guide you to dog breeding with:


I have 3 gifts for you, that will start you on the right path to dog breeding.

These vital breeding principles will help ensure you start your dog breeding journey. This advice will ensure you put your best foot forward. You'll gain instant access to all 3 'must-have' help sheets with supplementary videos, at the click of just a few buttons. 

What are these crucial help sheets?

  1. Whelping Wish List - A clear checklist  and explanatory video of which items you require to successful rear a litter, taking into consideration the breed, size and rearing methods.
  2. Dam's Diet SheetA detailed record helping you capture and foresee your girls dietary needs, ensuring her and the puppies nutritional requirements are met.
  3. Puppy Report Cards Report cards assist you with easily tracking every puppies progression within a litter. You'll be able to quickly identify failing puppies or potential development issues.

Not only this, but you'll also have modified access to the community forum within the Home Breeder's Hub. The hub is a place to help you demystifying common issues, chat about current issues and pertinent problems that all dog owners and breeders regularly encounter.


I can support you in various ways ...

Not Born Yesterday

This new breeder’s bible provides proven and practical advice that will ensure you achieve a safe and successful litter every time.

Puppy Playbook

The Home Breeders Puppy Playbook helps you get organised with vital templates, checklists, tools, tips  and hacks.

Home Breeder Hub

A paid membership for mindful dog owners who are seeking a sanctuary for safe, supportive and successful breeding experience.

My Stories

Short Story

My name's Sara Lamont. The only semi-famous "Lamont" I'm aware of is Norman Lamont, Chancellor of the Exchequer back in the early 1990s. I'm not really into politics, and that's where my claim ends. We aren't related, he's not my Dad or anything.

I tried to Google if he is a dog owner, to see if we shared any other similarities, but I couldn't find a reliable source that confirmed.

However, I do love dogs, and I couldn't imagine my home without one, or two? No, make that six! I haven't bought a dog for decades because my mantra is 'If I can't breed it, I can't have it.' and I'm pleased to say I've bred some corkers. 

I know that dog breeding can be stressful, worrying and tiresome. So, I try and help other dog owners avoid this. I assist by sharing proactive breeding practices which reinforce safety and support, resulting in ultimate success.

Canine Family Planner®

Longer Story

As a young child, I remember a family trip to acquire our first family dog, a much-wanted retired brood Bulldog called Tina. Over three decades later and I've not spent more than ten consecutive days away from the breed, so I guess they got me hooked?

When I wasn't at work or sleeping, I was doing something with a dog, walking it, feeding it, training it, showing it, judging it or breeding it under the LaRoyal kennel name.

Firm Foundations

I bred my first Bulldog litter over 20 years ago, while in my teens. Unknowingly starting at the deep end, with notoriously one of the most challenging dogs to breed. Since my first litter, I've raised numerous puppies, primarily to be pet companions and family dogs but some achieve great things such as winning Top Bulldog and Crufts Best of Breed.

I've since raised over 30 litters while also mentoring and supporting new & novice breeders with their own litters. That's where the cross over began, for me, dog ownership is a lifestyle, and I decided to leave the corporate world and start a new chapter in the world of pioneering a pet business.

Travelling the country and parts of Europe I've developed and honed my skills, trained with leading canine veterinary and reproduction experts. I currently support a wide variety of breeds and breeders, pedigree, cross-bred to designer dogs, pet and hobby breeders to licenced breeding kennels on all aspects of dog breeding.

"After ten years within corporate Learning & Development, I decided to pivot and educate like-minded owners on my puppy pastime, Dog Breeding."

Not sure what to do next?

  • Claim your free breeder help sheets and watch the accompanying videos
  • Have a look around the Hub and check out the other resource available to you (more surprises 🎁!)
  •  If you still want more? check out the Home Breeders Puppy Playbook
  • Never look at dog breeding in the same light again!