So what is Progesterone blood testing, and why should you bother using it for canine ovulation detection?

  • New to breeding and inexperienced in mating practices?
  • Not sure when your bitch is more fertile for breeding? Has she previously missed?
  • Traveling a long distance for your stud dog?
  • Plan to artificially inseminate your female?

These are all reasons to make an effort into finding out when your bitch is more fertile in her season. Progesterone is the primary hormone secreted by the female reproductive system and is connected with her season, pregnancy and embryo formation and development. It's an ideal indicator for detecting ovulation through blood testing.

Laboratory equipment processes the serum from a blood sample taken from the animal's vein when in season. It's assessed for its progesterone concentrations. A quantitative result can then be used to indicate, not predict if your pet has ovulated and supported the decision of when to mate.

The videos on this page will give you a full understanding of why Progesterone Blood testing is so successful and also how to best prepare for your future breeding journey.

Video One: A walk through the female cycle and detail of Progesterone testing

Video Two: The process of Progesterone testing through the post

If you are looking for some clear and concise, no jargon advice on Progesterone Testing then you need to download the free information pack that explains 'Everything you need to know about Progesterone Testing'.

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