Are you a first time home breeder who is desperate to get it right, but terrified of making mistakes?

  • Do you worry about the welfare of your bitch and her pups during birth?
  • Unsure if you have the relevant knowledge to realise and react quickly to complications?
  • Do you find it difficult to separate myth from fact, struggle to know when to involve your vet and fear the idea of a c-section or vet bills?

I hear you ...

Not Born Yesterday gives you the simple and straightforward advice that will walk you through all the stages of pregnancy, from birthing to pup care. This new breeder’s bible provides proven and practical advice that will ensure you achieve a safe and successful litter every time.

I promise this book will give you the pathway and confidence you need to successfully rear a litter, even if you've never bred before, and without you feeling like you need to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

This non-fiction book will help you avoid canine pregnancy pitfalls, rearing regrets and puppy homing headaches.

This book ticks all the boxes for new and novice breeders plus the occasional and competent breeder, who want to refresh or find new and better ways of breeding.

Not Born Yesterday demystifies common issues and pertinent problems that all breeders suffer, regardless of your breeding competency or breed.

Included in the book:

  • Marred methods to determine pregnancy
  • Pregnancy supplements
  • Breeder bond: The importance of animal advocacy
  • OATH model
  • Breeding on a budget
  • Birthing Plans: A, B & C
  • Solo puppy protocol
  • Identifying and treating poorly pups
  • Safely finding the best homes for your puppies
  • Building a useful new owner puppy pack

Absolutely fantastic book, really nice to have experiences used as examples to give the reader a real appreciation of what they are going through.

Also very good use of models to help new breeders to make the right decision through their gut feeling!

Excellent and highly recommended... the puppy/litter charts are also very detailed and highly recommended.

Well what can I say? This is a must for anyone interested in breeding or even if you have been breeding for years.

I don't normally read but by god i never put this much detail in too every aspect of breeding from start to finish.

I would defo recommend this book as a must read.

Fantastic read I didn't put it down until I'd finished it!

A definite must have for anyone considering breeding!

I couldn't have put it all better myself!

Well written and covers so so much! 

Esther Griffiths


I'm currently writing my second book. If you want to know more about it click here.