Breeder or Greeder?

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As we all know and accept the Pandemic fuelled Puppy prices causing them to skyrocket. I deal with all breeders, many asking me if I was aware of the current puppy prices and what amount they should be selling their pups.

Some breeders horrified at the price of pups, and others are seeing it as a blessing.

Now I will always respond with…

“I don’t care how much you sell your pups for £20,000, £2,000 or £200, but the pups MUST be in good health and intentionally bred with that in mind.”

The value of an ‘item’ is in the beholder. Otherwise, why does anyone drive a Ferrari when the Ford KA gets you to the same destination, has four wheels, stereo and a steering wheel?

Now I fully understand some breeders won’t want to be ‘seen’ to capitalise on their dogs, but many folks are breeding great dogs commercially in good conditions. Us Brits certainly struggle with the concept of breeding for profit, unlike the American across the pond that boast about their facilities and infrastructure.

Everyone has their values and beliefs, and dog breeding will sit with you a particular way. No one saw this Pandemic coming and even more so had an idea of how it might impact puppy prices.

I’ve heard all the arguments for and against raising puppy prices, and most breeders are just worried about what ‘her next door’ might say.

Every upside has a down, and if you charge more for your puppies, you will undoubtedly red flag financial limits. Meaning possible tax self-assessments and basic bookkeeping will need to be considered and maybe even breeding licenses applied for.

I will warn you now there are charities actively looking at Pet4Homes adverts for high-value pups, viewing litters, taking photographic evidence and taking this information to the local council so a case can be built. You’ll soon receive a severe Solicitor letter months after the puppies are homed asking for in-depth details to be presented at court. Who needs this kind of stress?

Plus, puppy owners paying high prices are more likely to be demanding and expecting the extra bit of support when needed. They will probably be a more time-intensive ‘sell’ and rightly so if they hand over large amounts of money. They will have a level of expectation that comes with their puppy purchase.

In short, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

It’s a decision you need to make, not just the price of the pups you sell but the more significant ramifications if you take advantage of the current opportunities.

I don't believe any dog should be purchased with just one months paycheck. When little effort has gone into appreciating the value of the dog and the ongoing expenses, and the new owners understand they will need to take to make them a priority.

What you charge is up to you as long as you can justify the cost, who’s to comment otherwise?

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