Borrow my Breeder Brain

  • Are you new to dog breeding and don't know where to start?
  • Anxious that you might not get things right first time?
  • Want to improve the chances of success with your next planned breeding?
  • Feel unlucky with your previous litters and looking to improve on your practices?

Then I might be the woman for you.... or my knowledge, skills and experience at least.

I'm passionate about helping pet owners and breeders make the best choice through education, advice and assistance.

Aged 17 I bred my first litter and have accumulated over 20 years of experience having been challenged by the most complex of canine pregnancies and problematic puppies. I'm well-respected breeder, international judge and achieved esteemed accolades including breeding a Crufts Best of Breed winner.

I've reared near forty litters and 100's of puppies, specialising in Bull breeds but with an expansive broad level of knowledge across the entire canine community and breeds.

I founded HomeScan Breeder Services in 2014, and published Not Born Yesterday in 2019 to help spread my message of positive planning by educating owners on their litters.

If you are seeking personal mentoring advice about your own dogs and future goals, and want to have a personalised and effective action plan to follow then book a consultation now.

We'll discuss all the vital elements of breeding to success for your dogs and ensure Best Practices are embedded into your future plans to making your choices are a success.

I'm currently offering 1:1 mentoring telephone consultations helping you make a detailed breeding plan, providing specific knowledge and advice to help you make the most efficient choices for your future breeding programme.

Introductory price £39.00 (RRP £79.00)

Once your payment has been received, I will contact you to schedule a 20 minute phone at a suitable time for both of us.