Conquering Chilled Canine Collections - Online course

This supported online course will walk you through the vital tips and techniques, to ensure breeding success when using chilled canine semen. 

If you are a bitch owner or have a stud dog this course is a must for you. 

The recent pandemic is changing many things we took for granted and in the 'new world' chilled canine collections may be one of the easiest and most convenient ways to mate your dogs.

This course will cover:

  • The benefits of chilled A.I (artificial insemination)
  • How to collect from a stud and what parts you need
  • Tools of the trade to correctly chill
  • Best Practices when handling chilled semen
  • What extender to use, why and when
  • Where to purchase the equipment
  • Activating the collection
  • How to A.I
  • DIY vs. Fertility Clinics
  • 3x online sessions
  • Q & A session
  • Multiple detailed case studies
  • Demonstration videos
  • Ongoing emails support and advice

Purchase now for £79.99 to attend my next scheduled course: