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Jill Cranfield of Zefathers Great Danes explains how her love for the breed developed through exhibiting at dog shows and how she’s never looked back after 30 plus years of dog ownership including breeding a Crufts Best of Breed winner. Listen to find out Jill’s opinion on:

  • The differences in shows dog in the UK, Europe & the U.S
  • How dog showing has changed over the decades 
  • Why liking a show dog, is different to finding the right stud dog
  • Health Testing as a Kennel Club Assured Breeder including DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy)

We also talk about Jill’s breeding experience, discussing:

  • Clumsy Giant Breeds
  • Dane’s vs. Daxie’s and why they need to be reared differently
  • Jill’s concerns over Canine Herpes Vaccine
  • Abnormalities with ‘twin’ puppies
  • Jill’s Greatest Breeding Tip
  • How toxic mastitis was the hardest litter Jill reared and how she felt they where doomed
  • Jill’s ways of vetting potential puppy owners

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