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Course Overview:

The Home Breeder Puppy Playbook can be likened to a breeding journal. A place to keep all your thoughts, actions and ideas whilst you plan, prepare and parent puppies. It’s structured like a workbook with milestones to support you during your complete breeding experience. The playbook book is an essential prompt to make sure you consider all eventualities and possibilities, helping you reduce risk and feel more in control and confident during the experience.

The playbook should be a key item in any dog breeders arsenal furthermore the playbook is supplied with access to a step by step video series. These videos will walk you through each exercise, task or template explaining the positive impact and importance it will have to your breeding plans and how to complete it. You can expand the menu on the right by clicking the [+] Puppy Playbook to see all the lessons available, these lessons are filled with essential hints, tips and hacks.

It’s like the mentor you never had.

What now?

Well let’s get started but firstly:

  • As you work through the videos, you can use the bookmark and favourites icons, these are bottom right of all videos or top right for articles. This will allow you to refer back to any information you’ve marked as essential through the ‘My Area’ of your account.
  • You can also track your progress by selecting the tick icon after you completed each video, which will update the tracker top right of the page.
  • Navigate through the videos lessons by expanding the menu [+] Puppy Playbook or using the buttons at the bottom of each lesson page.

Lessons in this Course:

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