Helping you Plan, Prepare and Parent Puppies

Tired of being judged by online "Karen's", Trolls and Know-It-All's and frustrated with the overwhelming dog breeding advice available?

★ Starting out on your dog breeding journey but feeling lost and don't know where to find a dog breeding expert for practical advice?

★ Feeling out of touch with current dog breeding practices and techniques, but ready to boost your confidence and expertise?

★ Looking to establish and build your dog breeding reputation by producing dog with top-quality traits?

Many dog owners misunderstand breeders, thinking they're a superhuman residing in a remote animal-centric island with top-notch dog breeding education. In reality, breeders are regular people dealing with life's ups and downs whilst caring for their families, friends, and pets with love. When seeking dog breeding advice from a vet, you might be met with frustration or a push for immediate spaying.

But where can you find unbiased help? That's where I come in, the🌎 world's first Canine Family Planner™.

My role? To support dog owners like you, offering guidance through education, advice, and assistance. I have extensive dog breeding experience and a professional background in learning, making me the ideal guide. I'm here to help you make the right choices.

Why is it essential? Proper planning is crucial for healthy pregnancies and thriving litters while minimising risks and losses. Breeding doesn't have to be tough; there's hope. Whether you're a dog owner who breeds, or a home or hobby breeder, I can guide you through the process, emphasising safety to support your success.

A Breeders Haven: I've created the Puppy Care Club, an online sanctuary packed with free and vital breeding information to give you reassurance and guidance.

Sara with Bulldogs

Sara with her Bulldogs

This is the place for dog owners dedicated to breeding excellence. In the Puppy Care Club get:

The Puppy Care Club your go-to source for reliable support and advice to ensure a low-stress breeding experience, healthy puppies, and happy homes. If you're committed to breeding, this is the place for you.

Access it anytime, anywhere, on any device to help you establish best breeding practices, take control, and manage your nerves while avoiding problems and emotional turmoil.