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My Bitch is already pregnant, is it still worth joining?

I'm only planning to have one litter.

Should I stay a Winners' Circle member when I don't have any litters due?

I don't consider myself a breeder.

I have managed so far without the Winners' Circle.

I consider myself experienced and competent enough.

I'm unsure if I should take advice from a pet professional rather than a vet.

I don't like, or have never learned online.

I’m unsure I can afford it?


Hurry, the introductory 'Founders' offer is only available until 26th November 2023 - it's a unique, one-time opportunity that will never be repeated!
The Winners' Circle (valued at over £488 per month with an RRP of £57.99) is now within your reach with this exclusive reduced monthly membership price of just £24.99. This is your chance to experience first-hand the invaluable support and guidance of Sara as you elevate your breeding journey to new heights.
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Still not sure the Winner's Circle is for you?

We're committed to helping each and every dog owner and breeder thrive within the Winners' Circle.


  • Empowerment for Dog Owners: Dog owners who want to avoid feeling helpless, hopeless, or overwhelmed when raising a litter.
  • Expedited Breeding Knowledge: Ideal for breeders seeking to save time and gain invaluable experience by accelerating their breeding expertise with trusted guidance.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Offers owners a deep insight into the world of dog breeding and best practices, enabling them to avoid being taken advantage of or misinformed.


  • No Guaranteed Results: If you're seeking guaranteed dog breeding results, please know that we work with living-beings, not machines. While we will guide you in achieving your personal breeding goals, challenges and unexpected situations are part of the journey.
  • Not a Litter-Rearing Service: The Winners' Circle does not provide a service for rearing your puppies; you'll be responsible for raising your own puppies and implementing the knowledge you acquire.
  • Not a Platform for Promotion: This is not the place to advertise or promote pet businesses, stud dogs, or unrelated products for personal gain. Our focus is on breeding education and personalised support.