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  • Did you know that fatal conditions like mastitis and eclampsia, which can have detrimental effects on both the dam and her puppies, and can be proactively prevented by feeding a high-quality, well-managed diet?
  • Are you fully equipped with the essential items required to handle the birth and care of a litter? Do you possess a comprehensive 'emergency kit' and the knowledge to effectively utilise its contents in case of unforeseen complications?
  • Do you know the daily puppy checks necessary to swiftly and effortlessly identify early signs of health issues in your puppies?

No? Well you are only a few clicks away from the Breeder Help sheets that will assist you in avoiding such breeding dilemmas.

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You are only a few clicks away from these 3 Playbook Printable Breeder Help Sheets and over 1 hour worth of support videos.