Home Breeders Hub Access for HomeScan Clients

Congratulations on the recent news of the pitter-patter of tiny paws and your promotion to becoming the responsible puppy parent. You are probably already wondering about what stuff you'll need to start organising for the safe delivery of your litter. 

It's pretty easy to get bogged down and confused on what you need to do next, the Home Breeder's Puppy Playbook provides an easy to follow guide that will take you all the way through to successfully rehoming your pups.

I've organised for you to have free access to the Home Breeders Hub, meaning you can log in instantly, and check out the breeder resources available to you:

  • Printable breeder helpsheets and the supporting videos
    • Dam's Diet Sheet
    • Whelping Wish List
    • Puppy Report Card
  • Complete archive of the Sara's Weekend Weekly Summaries (SWWS)
  • Private community forum to ask questions
  • Regular breeder related articles for continual learning
  • Priority access to additional vital breeder information


You shouldn't experience any issues, but if have any technical problems during the registration, please notify us through the support page.