Sara with American Bully Puppy (Gaia)
  • Tired of sifting through endless 'dog breeding' advice on the internet, only to find yourself drowning in a sea of information, much of which is conflicting or unverified?

  • Embarking on your dog breeding journey with the dream of nurturing healthy, thriving puppies but unsure where to begin?

  • Are you seeking to enhance your breeding knowledge and boost your confidence so you can stay up-to-date with the latest breeding methods and options?

  • Want to know how to pick the perfect potential stud or be able to identify the top-quality traits of a pick-of-litter puppy?

All the answers are waiting for you inside the Winners Circle.

Here's a peek inside the Winners' Circle

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Fortnightly 'Breeders Brew' Support Sessions: Grab a brew (tea or beer) and join Sara, the Canine Family Planner™ and your fellow breeders to bond and brainstorm. We will unleash new ideas in these interactive online sessions where you can seek guidance, address concerns, and receive personalised support. Benefit from Sara's direct mentorship as she helps you navigate the intricacies of your personal breeding journey.

🗞️Best in Breed Bulletin

Quarterly ViB Members-Only Publication: Receive a valuable newsletter exclusively created for Winners' Circle members. Dive into in-depth articles, case studies, and breeding resources carefully curated to enhance your personal breeding journey and ultimate success.

💻Resource library

Explore a treasure trove of resources, including downloadable guides, checklists, and tools. Harness the power of these practical resources to streamline your breeding program, including specific courses on Dam Care, Puppy Care, Mating Options and Breeding Methods.

Not forgetting the Puppy Playbook Pathway that will lead you through all the fundamental considerations and actions you need when used with the Puppy Playbook, providing a solid foundation for you, your dog and her puppies through your entire breeding journey. 

🎁 Welcome Pack

Every member will receive a personalised welcome pack with vital items to support your introduction and transition into the Winners' Circle.

A snapshot of available resources inside the Winners' Circle.

🗣️ Private Community Forum

All Winners' Circle members also have full access to the peer-to-peer community forum. This private forum promotes confidentiality and privacy, which are often lacking on social media platforms and groups. A safe place guaranteed to be free of 'Karens', trolls and know-it-alls.

The Community Forum is the perfect way to access a diverse pool of valuable opinions that encourages the exchange of ideas, knowledge to be shared, and problems solved 'in real-time' by coming together with like-minded breeders. 


Stay up to date with the latest breeding techniques, trends, and best practices through monthly webinars hosted by Sara the Canine Family Planner. Expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and gain insights from her extensive expertise to help ease your breeding experiences.


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Still not sure the Winner's Circle is for you?

We're committed to helping each and every dog owner and breeder thrive within the Winners' Circle.


  • Empowerment for Dog Owners: Dog owners who want to avoid feeling helpless, hopeless, or overwhelmed when raising a litter.  
  • Expedited Breeding Knowledge: Ideal for breeders seeking to save time and gain invaluable experience by accelerating their breeding expertise with trusted guidance.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Offers owners a deep insight into the world of dog breeding and best practices, enabling them to avoid being taken advantage of or misinformed.


  • No Guaranteed Results: If you're seeking guaranteed dog breeding results, please know that we work with living-beings, not machines. While we will guide you in achieving your personal breeding goals, challenges and unexpected situations are part of the journey. 
  • Not a Litter-Rearing Service: The Winners' Circle does not provide a service for rearing your puppies; you'll be responsible for raising your own puppies and implementing the knowledge you acquire.
  • Not a Platform for Promotion: This is not the place to advertise or promote pet businesses, stud dogs, or unrelated products for personal gain. Our focus is on breeding education and personalised support.