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Dog owners in the VIB’s Winner Circle are a tight-knit community of like-minded breeders who desire access to world-class resources within a private and safe environment. It’s the only place you can get direct access to me and my 23 years of experience covering every aspect of dog breeding, pregnancies, and puppy rearing.

You’ll also gain entry to the Home Breeder Hub, an online resource full of vital information in audio, video and printable documents.

Wondering if the VIB Winners Circle is for you?
If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the below, you should definitely join.
  • Do you have a specific question about breeding your female?
  • Reading Doggy Style has prompted more detailed and relevant questions?
  • Do you have a complex or difficult female who has failed to conceive and is keen to get it right next time?
  • Do you wish to gain confidence in using newer breeding methods and options to help fast track your breeding program?
  • Want to improve your existing skillset, so you can manage your own dogs more efficiently with added flexibility.
  • Do you feel like you are running out of time? Have only one last chance to get your female in pup?
  • Do you own a stud dog but lack the confidence to deal with bitch owners effectively?
  • Feel an unrealistic pressure to ensure all females that use your male conceive?
  • Are you doubting your dog’s fertility? Or suitability to be at public stud?

Within the VIB Winner Circle, you’ll receive:

  • Fortnightly online breeding support sessions providing an opportunity for you to regularly discuss your dog’s specific breeding needs and current issues - Value £197
  • Monthly breeding educational webinar including guest speakers - Value £97
  • Quarterly printed and posted VIB Member Only publication straight to your letterbox - Value £97
  • Unlimited access to all resources within the Home Breeders Hub - Priceless!
  • Access to the community forum for more in-depth doggy discussions - Value £97

The Winner Circle is valued at over £488 p/m. Usually, the membership fee is £97 p/m, but as a special thank you for signing up, it’s reduced to just £19.99 a month

It gets even better because, as an HomeScan client, your introductory month is just £9.99, so you can experience first-hand the brilliance of Sara’s personal help and support.

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I would really struggle to breed to the high standards I do without the help and knowledge I have gained from Sara. I'm more confident when talking to other breeders, and I have breeders coming to me for advice. This is because I have gained so much experience from working with Sara. I know Sara's advice is based on the best and most reliable practices to get the best results and not based on what will earn the most money.


Willows Australian Labradoodles

Who is the Canine Family Planner?

My name's Sara Lamont. The only semi-famous "Lamont" I'm aware of is Norman Lamont, Chancellor of the Exchequer back in the early 1990s. I'm not really into politics, and that's where my claim ends. We aren't related, he's not my Dad or anything.

I tried to Google if he is a dog owner, to see if we shared any other similarities, but I couldn't find a reliable source that confirmed.

However, I do love dogs, and I couldn't imagine my home without one, or two? No, make that six! I haven't bought a dog for decades because my mantra is 'If I can't breed it, I can't have it.' and I'm pleased to say I've bred some corkers. I've bred Champions and enjoy judging at an international level.

I know that dog breeding can be stressful, worrying and tiresome. So, I try and help other dog owners avoid this. I assist by sharing proactive breeding practices which reinforce safety and support, resulting in ultimate success.

How can I help you?

My primary role is to support dog owners like you. Help you to make the most appropriate choices through education, advice and assistance. With vast experience in dog breeding and a professional career within the learning industry, it makes be the perfect candidate to share vital foundational information. This information is shared in variety of forms to support you and your dog's needs during this challenge.

Purposeful planning is vital for promoting practices that aid healthy pregnancies, larger thriving litters while managing risk and reducing newborn or maternal loss. I'll guide you to dog breeding with:



I've had a steep but successful learning curve from struggling to find suitable and fertile studs with knowledgeable and honest owners, but I've turned a corner and am now ready to smash it again later this year.

Sara has given me the confidence in making the right decisions for my dogs and being far more insistent that things are done as and when I want them and are done my way.

Adam Mayle

German Shepherd Dogs


Without Sara’s help we could never have successfully mated my dog Zola, who made the press for her large triple colour litter. She has had several complications in the pass and was very unsure if we would succeed.

Sara is very knowledgeable and keen to help in any way she can. If you are considering breeding then Sara's help is one of the most valuable assets out there for you due to her wide range of services and expertise. Always very much appreciated.

Tina Dodgson