Puppy Raising & Parenting Advice

  • Are you worried about your girl's condition after whelping?
  • Do you have a puppy who's failing to thrive?
  • Confused about crucial future puppy development milestones and how to manage them?

Guess what? Good news! You're in the right place! Here, you'll gain access to all the practical tools and advice you need for a smooth and successful breeding experience. Let's turn your breeding dreams into reality!

Understanding the entire breeding process can be overwhelming, so we recommend focusing on the phase you are currently experiencing. Doing so not only allows you to effectively manage your time and avoid feeling overwhelmed, but also reassures you that you are in control of the situation. We've defined the breeding process into clear categories which involves planning for breeding, ensuring a safe pregnancy and  preparing for delivery, and then the responsibility of parenting and raising of puppies.

Our simple three-step approach to dog breeding ensures every aspect is covered:

  • STEP 1: Plan - Learn how to plan your breeding safely and successfully.
  • STEP 2: Prepare - Get ready for a seamless and stress-free litter delivery.
  • STEP 3: Parent - Discover how to nurture and care for puppies to promote their health and happiness.

With over thirty years of experience, the Canine Family Planner™ provides the tools and advice to help you navigate the world of dog breeding safely and successfully. While breeding may seem easy and enjoyable from the outside, it requires significant preparation and planning to achieve those joyful, social media worthy moments with your puppies.

  • STEP 1: PLAN




Nurturing and caring for puppies goes beyond the basics of feeding and shelter. It's about ensuring their physical, emotional, and social well-being from birth through their early developmental stages. We can provide you with essential knowledge and support enabling you to confidently raise puppies with optimal health and happiness and have a thoroughly enjoyable breeding experience free from anxiety or concerns. Some aspect you should be aware of are:

 Nourishing your Newborns

The first three days of a puppy's life are vital to a puppy's ability to thrive and survive. It's beneficial to be able to:

 How to conduct routine health checks and identify defects 

★ Knowing how the if a puppy is correctly latched to ensure successful feeds to thrive 

★ Awareness of the best hand rearing techniques and when they are required

★ Handle and have the ability to cope with puppy loss

★ Puppy Progress

Puppies grow quickly. Once their eyes open, they need critical encouragement. Key aspects of raising puppies include:

  Knowing the importance of puppy socialisation windows and the activities required within them

  Decide on the right worming routine and methods for your litter

  Finding a mess and stress-free weaning technique

Setting puppy prices and manging puppy viewings

★ How to find 5 star homes and vetting new puppy owners


While administrative tasks in puppy care may seem mundane, they are crucial to the correct transition to new homes. Key considerations include:

What essential items should be included in a new owner puppy pack

Key details for a comprehensive sales puppy contract

Adhered to the legal requirements for animal microchipping

Your options for providing new owner puppy insurance

Deciding on your deworming and vaccination puppy protocols

Worried you don't know about all of this?

★ 3 TOP Tips to boost your Dog Breeding Expertise 

To help you get up to speed as quickly as possible during the planning phase these three top tip will help provide you with a sound foundation of knowledge to start your breeding plan correctly and safely.


Puppy Report Card

The Puppy Report Card is an essential tool for breeders to monitor the health and development of each puppy in a litter. It includes sections for essential identification, daily weight tracking, and significant milestones like weight gain and early neurological stimulation (ENS). Breeders can document deworming schedules, bowel movements, and general observations, ensuring thorough health monitoring. The cards also track long-term details such as registration, insurance, microchipping, and new owner information, ensuring puppies are well-prepared for their new homes. This thorough record-keeping aids in early problem detection and provides a comprehensive history for new owners, giving them a complete understanding of their puppy's health and development.

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Mastering Hand-Rearing and Tube Feeding Techniques

We all hope all puppies in a litter are strong and thrive, but sometimes, you might need to assist an ailing puppy (observations helped identified with their Puppy Report Card). This video covers why you may need to supplement, the options you have and the available equipment required with a live tube feeding demonstration. It's important to note that hydration fluids should be introduced first, followed by gradual increases in milk.

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Weaning without the Stress or Mess

Weaning can be a complex process filled with questions about the best methods, appropriate food types, and troubleshooting common issues. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights and practical tips to ensure a smooth and healthy transition for your puppies. Whether you're a seasoned breeder or a first-time dog owner, read on to discover the benefits of different weaning practices and how to tailor them to your puppies' needs.

Do you still feel unclear about what you should do now? 

If you're still finding all the information here hasn't quite sunk in, it might be time to consider joining our Puppy Care Club (PCC). We understand that reading and researching can only take you so far! PCC offers convenient access to reliable support and personalised advice, saving you the hassle of endless reading and possible confusion.

The Puppy Care Club is a community which revolves around a weekly support call where you'll receive trusted guidance, ensuring a stress-free breeding experience, healthy puppies and happy homes. If breeding is your passion and you are keen to do things right PCC is the ideal place for you to thrive.

  • 📞 Weekly Q&A Telephone Support: Get answers to specific questions about your female and her litter. These easy, informal catch-ups provide access to my 30 years of breeding experience; you can borrow my breeder's brain, enabling you remain proactive with managing your girl and her litter's progress.
  • 📩 Dedicated Email: If you can't make a call, don't worry! Simply email your question in advance to our dedicated email address. We will respond to your query, and you can access the call recording later in the Home Breeders Hub.
  • 🧠 Expert Guidance: You can fast-track your breeding experience by tapping into our current and relevant knowledge and hacks. Benefit quickly from our hands-on experience as active puppy practitioners.
  • 🎁 Welcome Pack: Receive a welcome goody bag, including the essential Home Breeder Puppy Playbook & Video Pathway (RRP £39.99). This physical 50-page guide will help you have a seamless breeding experience and foresee and prevent issues before they arise.
  • 💻 Home Breeder Hub Access: Gain unlimited access to our extensive online library, packed with relevant dog breeding information and advice to explore at your own pace. This includes curated articles, videos, and webinars on prenatal care, whelping, and puppy care including easily creating your own Certificate of Birth and new owner care plans.

The Puppy Care Club enables you to take control of your breeding journey and manage your nerves while avoiding puppy problems and the associated emotional (and financial) turmoil.  This is membership is valued at over £488 per month, but for proactive dog owners like you, we offer a special online price of just £44.99 per month. You can't even get a veterinary phone consult for that price!

Join the Puppy Care Club today and ensure your litter's successful and safe rearing.

unsure if the puppy care club is for you? 

Do you have questions? These are the most commonly asked questions answered about the Puppy Care club.

I don’t plan to breed dogs long-term. Do I still need this support?

Even if you only plan to breed once, expert support can significantly impact your experience. Our resources and weekly calls can help you navigate the complexities of breeding, ensuring the health of your dogs and their puppies and providing you with peace of mind.

I have a tight budget. Is this membership really necessary?

Breeding dogs can be challenging, especially for first-timers or novice breeders. Our membership aims to provide you with the best support to ensure a successful breeding experience. Think of it as an investment in your breeding journey. The cost of avoiding potential pitfalls and ensuring the health and well-being of your puppies can far outweigh the membership fee.

How effective are the weekly support calls and online hub?

Our weekly support calls offer direct access to an expert who can answer your specific questions and provide tailored advice. The online hub is a comprehensive library of articles, videos, and tools designed to assist you at every stage of the breeding process. Many members have found these resources invaluable in their breeding journeys.

What if the advice and methods don’t align with my breeding philosophy?

We respect that breeders have different philosophies and practices. Our expert is experienced with various breeding methods and can provide guidance that aligns with your values and goals. Our goal is to support you in breeding healthy and well-cared-for puppies.

Can’t I find all the information I need for free online?

While free resources are available, they may not always be reliable or specific to your needs. Our club offers personalised advice from a dog breeding practitioner with over 30 years of experience, ensuring you get current, accurate and practical guidance. The online hub provides a curated collection of resources you can trust, saving you the time and effort of sifting through countless websites

I’m worried about committing to a monthly payment. Are there any flexible options?

We offer one courtesy week before charging, this enables new members to experience the benefits of the club and attend a Support Call without a long-term commitment. If the membership isn’t suitable for you, you can cancel anytime. We genuinely here to help dog owners, not swindle them!

What if I already have access to other support networks?

The Puppy Care Club can complement your existing support networks by providing additional expert advice and resources. Our community and professional guidance can enhance your knowledge and confidence, making your breeding experience even more successful.

I’ve never heard of the Puppy Care Club. How do I know I can trust it?

The Puppy Care Club was founded and run by the Canine Family Planner, who has over 30 years of breeding experience. We have numerous testimonials from satisfied members who have successfully bred healthy, happy puppies with our support. We’re happy to share their stories and answer any questions.

Is the Puppy Care Club for only UK based owners?

The Puppy Care Club is open to dog owners worldwide. We welcome international members, as we believe that our dog care advice is applicable globally. If time zones are an issue, you can send your questions in advance, and all call recordings are available for later listening in the Home Breeders Hub. Please feel free to join us regardless of your location—we're here to help!

★ Here is What My Clients Say...

As a learner breeder, I found Sara's support invaluable. She guided me on how to maximize a positive cover after a failed attempt in the previous season. Her expertise in ovulation blood testing and her practical advice were instrumental in achieving a positive outcome. Sara's passion for her work was evident in every conversation, and she generously shared her wisdom and knowledge, making each session incredibly informative.

K. Hoskin // Dobermans

I've been using Sara's services for over six years and have no complaints. She is approachable and her breeding knowledge is unmatched. I highly recommend Sara for her exceptional services and expertise.

A. Fisher // Staffordshire Bull Terriers

We wanted the best support and to ensure we did all we could to support our girl through every step of pregnancy and motherhood. We were reassured and supported throughout, and they took the time to answer every question.  We would not hesitate to use Sara and her team if we were to breed again. The knowledge, guidance and processes completed have no cost in protecting and ensuring a smooth conception, pregnancy, delivery and beyond.Thank you so much for everything.

E. Smith // Bulldogs (English)