Are you beginning your dog breeding journey but feeling lost, unsure where to find expert guidance?

 Short on time and patience to sift through the internet for reliable, top-rated breeding advice?

Fed up with judgmental comments from online "Karens," trolls, and self-proclaimed experts, and overwhelmed by conflicting breeding advice?

It's natural to be concerned about identifying early stages of labour, ensuring a safe delivery, and successfully rearing strong, healthy puppies. Many dog owners feel overwhelmed by unclear or conflicting information on whelping forums, irrelevant YouTube videos due to the wrong breed and size, or unsure if they are taking advice from inexperienced "one-litter wonders".

That's why I founded the Puppy Care Club (PCC).

As a member of PCC, you can bypass the confusion of outdated or irrelevant breeding advice. Here's how I can help you:

  • 📞 Weekly Q&A Support Sessions: Get answers to specific questions about your female's impending motherhood and beyond. These easy, informal catch-ups provide access to my 30 years of breeding experience; you can borrow my breeder's brain, enabling you remain proactive with observing your female's progress as she and her puppies develop and grow.
  • 🧠 Expert Guidance: Benefit from my hands-on experience as an active practitioner, rearing numerous litters each year. I continually learn and share new knowledge and hacks as I discover them.
  • 🎁 Welcome Pack: Receive a welcome goody bag, including the essential Home Breeder Puppy Playbook & Video Pathway (RRP £39.99). This physical 50-page guide will help you have a seamless breeding experience and foresee and prevent issues before they arise.
  • 💻 Home Breeder Hub Access: Gain unlimited access to our extensive online library, packed with relevant dog breeding information and advice to explore at your own pace. This includes curated articles, videos, and webinars on prenatal care, whelping, and puppy care.

This is valued at over £539 per month, but for proactive dog owners like you, we offer a special price of just £44.99 per month. This is a significant discount, especially considering that a single veterinary phone consult can cost more than this monthly membership.

Join the Puppy Care Club today and ensure your litter's successful and safe rearing.


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