Puppy Playbook Pathway


The Home Breeder Puppy Playbook can be likened to a breeding journal.

It’s a place to keep all your thoughts, actions and ideas while you plan, prepare and parent puppies. It’s structured like a workbook with milestones to support you during your complete breeding experience. The playbook is an essential prompt to make sure you consider all eventualities and possibilities, helping you reduce risk and feel more control and confidence during the experience.

The playbook should be an essential item in any dog breeders arsenal. Furthermore, the playbook is supplied with a pathway, a step by step video series. These videos will walk you through each exercise, task or template explaining the positive impact and importance it will have to your breeding plans and how to complete it.

It’s like the mentor you never had.

What now?

Well let’s get started, but firstly:

  • As you work through the pathway with the associated videos, you can use the bookmark and favourites icons, and these are bottom right of all videos or top right for articles enabling you to refer back to any information you’ve marked as relevant through the ‘My Area’ of your account.
  • You can also track your progress by selecting the tick icon after you completed each video, which will update the tracker top right of the page.
  • Navigate through the videos lessons as you progress through the playbook, if you wish to see any videos ‘out of sync’ then access them directly through the resources page.

Please note: The pathway will have restricted sections for free members.

Pregnancy Preparations

This section will walk you through the considerations you need to make before your female is bred, ensuring your female is in the best condition reviewing:

  • Health status including vaccinations, worming and certificates
  • Ovulation testing options
  • Pregnancy supplements
  • Scheduling pregnancy confirmation

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Stud Options

This section will provide a framework for you to identify the most suitable stud for your female, reviewing:

  • First and second choice stud options
  • Essential information about your chosen male
  • Health status of the male and possible impact on the puppies
  • Simple fertility observations
  • Stud fees and conditions

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Whelping Wish List

This section reviews the suggested equipment required for the delivery and care of an impending litter. The list includes suggested essential and optional items depending on your rearing method preferences, breed and size.

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Whelping Chart

You must have where possible an accurate due date or working window, so you can effectively plan. The whelping chart helps you quickly identify key dates to enable you to schedule your future puppy program.

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Solo Puppy Protocol

It’s great news when a pregnancy is confirmed, however if a solo puppy has been identified then are probably a few precautions you should take to ensure safe delivery. This section looks at:

  • Chances of naturally whelping compared to c-section
  • Dam dietary tweaks needed during pregnancy
  • Different labour progression
  • Long term puppy observations

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Birthing Planner

This section will walk you through all the considerations and plans you need to make to ensure the safe delivery of the puppies while managing risk. Including:

  • Fast reference of your female’s vital details
  • Labour temperature tracking
  • Organise your birth options
    • Plan A – Self whelp
    • Plan B – C-section (non-emergency)
    • Plan C – C-section (emergency)

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Dam’s Diet Sheet

This section enables you to confidently record vital changes to your female’s diet during her pregnancy and lactation including:

  • Tracking food increase
  • Capturing changes in diet type and varieties
  • Knowing when to alter her diet

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Puppies Feeding Guide

This section will safeguard you ensuring you are suitability feeding the puppies to support their progress and development. The schedule will vary depending on the number of puppies in the litter, health of the puppies and the quality of the dam’s milk. This schedule will:

  • Easily identify the appropriate number of feeds for age
  • Highlights when weaning should start dependant on the puppy vitality
  • Supports the smooth transition of meal types

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Puppy Report Cards

During this section, you’ll learn about the importance of tracking each puppies development and how it can help you foresee any potential issues, plus reviewing:

  • Puppy identification
  • Daily weight tracking
  • Deworming schedule
  • Introduction to Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)
  • General observations
  • New owners details

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Puppy Meal Planner

This section reviews the importance of recording the puppies dietary changes as they grow, keeping a note of:

  • Puppy ages/date
  • Feeding times
  • Dietary requirements

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Socialisation Chart

This section explains the importance of Puppy socialisation and the long term positive impact. Ensuring the dog experiences:

  • Variety of people
  • Experiences around the home
  • Other animals
  • Experiences outside the house
  • Being handled

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Vetting Questions

This section covers the importance of correctly vetting potential new owners and the diligence you should take to protect yourself and your dogs, including;

  • Defining your vetting process and procedures
  • Using questioning to discover the suitability of new potential puppy owners
  • How to protect yourself during puppy viewings

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Sales Paperwork

This section details the importance of sales paperwork safeguarding you and the puppy buyer offering:

  • Clarity of the transaction
  • Holding/Deposit fee receipt importance
  • The significance of a Puppy sales contract

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Puppy Pack Checklist

This is the final section of the Puppy Playbook which focuses on the importance of sending your puppies to their new homes with the effortless transition to their new home by considering:

  • What should be included in a puppy information pack
  • Why some items are considered essential or optional
  • Creative ways to present important information

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